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What You Will Learn!

Undeniable Signs

No more "crying wolf!" This book reveals that the two undeniable signs of the Lord's soon return have been fulfilled!

Why Jesus MUST return

Why can't life just go on as it is here on earth? Because Christ's work will not be complete until he reigns as King of Kings!

The Prophetic Puzzle

Learn how to identify, interpret, and put all the Biblical prophecies together into a beautiful picture of His Return!

Christ's Chronology of the Second Coming

The sequence of prophetic events are given by no less an authority than Jesus Christ Himself! We then use His chronology to interpret the Book of Revelation!

Revelations on The Book of Revelation!

Once you understand the prophetic puzzle, Christ's Chronology, and the structure of the Book of Revelation, it all becomes crystal clear! 

Readable and Easy to Understand

Professor Crosby is able to take complex subjects and break them down into easy and understandable steps. People often remark that they "can't put it down" and they want to "read it again!"