Doubters and skeptics often claim speaking in tongues is nothing more than gibberish or ecstatic verbal outbursts.  Those who actually do speak in tongues know those explanations are far from the truth.  As the Bible says, speaking in tongues is a Holy Spirit inspired language, which could be a real human language, or an angelic one (I Corinthians 13).

Numerous stories have been told about people who recognized a tongue as a language. But, as far as I know, the following is the only known recording of someone speaking in tongues where the tongue is in English.  I got this recording from a student in my Spiritual Gifts and Ministries class at LIFE Bible College, around 1995. He got it from the Vineyard Church he attended.  I have shared it every year with my LIFE students and finally got around to getting it into a digital format. The recording gives the details of the event.  Enjoy and be blessed!

Hear it here!