Why Jewels are Falling from Heaven

First it was holy laughter, then it was “gold dust,” and now we hear reports of beautiful, perfect jewels falling from nowhere upon worshippers in places like Puerto Rico, Idaho, and Redding, California.  Why would God drop jewels from heaven?  What could this heavenly bling mean?

(Note: I have skipped the question, “Is this from God?”  I know some of the churches where this has happened.  I know their ministers.  I know their doctrine and practices – that they are sound Bible-believing and holiness-seeking people. Therefore, I can only assume that God is doing something that is a “sign that makes us wonder!”)

Why would He do something so different?  There is nothing like it in the Bible.  But there is a biblical precedent that might help us understand what is going on.

When Jesus was resurrected, the power of that resurrection seems to have “spilled over” into this realm.  Matthew reports something mysterious that happened right at that moment: “The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life.  They came out of the tombs, and AFTER Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.” (Matthew 27:52,53).

What happened?  The power of the resurrection was so great and pervasive that its effect broke forth into this life, if only for a moment.

I believe that what we are seeing through the manifestations of heavenly jewels and gold is similar.  We know from Scripture that heaven is full of beauty and riches (streets of gold, gates of pearls, throne room of jewels, etc.).  When true worshippers of God are seeking Him purely and wholly, the very presence of our King comes into their midst.  All real believers know what that feels like, having experienced it by His Spirit.

What is different now is that heaven is SO close that its very real presence is breaking into the realm of this world in the form of gold, jewels and angelic visitations.

Why?  The first coming of Jesus culminated in the resurrection – and many people saw others resurrected.  The second coming of Jesus culminates with heaven on earth – so we are seeing these signs of heaven in our midst.  They point to His immanent return!

Jesus is coming back – soon.  I don’t know how soon.  But as this web site reports, the two undeniable signs Jesus gave us have been fulfilled.  (Curious as to what they are, and why they have been undeniably fulfilled?  Click on the “Undeniable Signs of the Return of Jesus Christ” in the sidebar.)  This interpretation about the heavenly jewels may be wrong, but the words of Jesus are true.